Welcome to byteeasy, the most advanced cryptocurrency trading ecosystem

We’ve studied the market and used front-ends of over twenty exchanges. All the them offer simplified versions of the popular equities trading systems. Most have copied the previous exchanges and just re-skinned their competition. At best, they are trying to shoe-horn clients in the currency markets paradigm and at worst the equities trading paradigm. Cryptocurrencies are different. The market is different. Traders experience is different, and to do so needs different tools.


We are redefining experience of the cryptocurrency traders


Did you know...

There are currently just over 20 million people that actively trade with two or more crypto exchange accounts


The why...

Cryptocurrency trading experience is fundamentally different from the conventional markets. Traders need new tools yet no one is stepping up to the challenge... byteeasy will challenge the norm


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The what...

byteeasy is a crypto asset terminal that consolidates the highly fragmented space of blockchain exchanges. We make complex simple by letting users access aggregated liquidity, execute arbitrage opportunities, manage distributed balance, engage in peer-to-peer swaps, create advance AI and ML models, and much more.


Features Overview


Trade easy

byteeasy platform creates new user experience for our traders. We provide market connectivity, order book aggregation, social media signals, smart order management system that will discover liquidity at the best price point, and much more. In addition, advanced users or partners can use our SDK to create additional services. For example, show correlation between FX, FIC and crypto markets by adding new screen that can deliver new market feeds to the end users


Swap easy

byteeasy lets our clients execute anonymous swaps between any currencies. We will take care of generating wallets and escrow accounts. Users will have an option to execute at limit price or market price. The smart order management system will create execution path where order can be filled at lowest fee, best average price, and fastest execution time.


Arbitrage easy

byteeasy platform lets you leverage our market connectivity, order execution manager, historical patterns, and social media signals to explore arbitrage opportunities. Due to our patented wallet management system, our clients can execute multiple hop chains between coins and exchanges. In addition, users can script and train their own AI models and execute proprietary algos